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Working principle
Technical outlook
Water solenid valve and flow sensor combination
Brass copper water solenid valve and flow sensor combination
[2020/5/26 16:12:43]
Instructions for Water Flow Sensor
Food grade pom, nylon and brass copper material flow sensor etc.
[2020/5/26 16:04:26]
Do you need the float switch?
OEM is available.
[2020/5/26 14:53:25]
3/4" brass water flow sensor technical parameters
Do you want to know something about our hot sale product SEN-HZ43WB? It is based on G3/4 thread?
[2020/5/26 15:35:27]
About the cumulative pulse data
The cumulative pulse data of the Saier flow meter is an average value.
[2020/5/26 15:35:45]
GND,VCC,VSS,VDD,OUT,IN and other circuit terms
Do you want to know some circuit knowledge?
[2020/5/26 15:14:48]
The function of water flow switch
Water flow switch is used for electric water heater, solar water heater,air-conditioner and water cycle control,water inlet and outlet control,water heating control,water pump swit
[2020/5/26 15:23:55]
Knowledge about hall sensor
Hall sensor is a kind of magnetic sensor,we can use it to detect the magnetic field and it's changes.And it can be used in many occasions which are related to magnetic field.
[2023/2/28 22:19:36]
Matters needing attention in application of water flow switch
Intermediate relay is a kind of electronic control device which has control system (also known as input circuit) and controlled system(also known as output circuit),it is usually a
[2020/5/26 15:27:28]
The difference between water flow sensor and water flow switch
Water flow sensor is the water flow sensing instrument which induce water flow rate and output pulse signal,current,voltage and other signals.The signal output is in linear proport
[2020/5/26 15:28:14]
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