The difference between water flow sensor and water flow switch

A.The definition of water flow sensor ,water flow switch and their difference

   Water flow sensor is the water flow sensing instrument which induce water flow rate and output pulse signal,current,voltage and other signals.The signal output is in linear proportion to the water flow rate.There are relevant conversion formula and comparision curve.It can fulfill water control management and flow calculation.It can be used as water flow switch,also it has the function of flowmeter for flow accumulation calculation.Water flow sensor is mainly used with control chip,singlechip and even PLC.The water flow sensor has the functions of accurate flow control,setting action flow circularly,revealing water flow and flow accumulation calculation.


   Water flow switch is the water induction switch that according to the supervision of whether there is water flow to output switch signal.There are normally open and normally closed types.Water flow can be monitored by it.Water flow switch is usually used with intermediate relay to build water control system.The advantages of water flow switch is simple and convinent in usage and no power.


   In conclusion,comparing to water flow switch,water flow sensor has more accurate usage and wide application.The common features of both are: output signals by inducing water flow,have the function of inducing magnetic field.


B.Matters needing attention in application of water flow sensor and water flow switch

   Matters needing attention in application of water flow sensor:

1.    When a magnetic material or a material generates magnetic is close to the sensor,the characteristic may change.

2.    In order to avoid particles,debris into the sensor,the sensor inlet must be installed filter.

3.    The installment of water flow sensor must avoid strong vibration and shake environment,avoid affecting the sensor measurement accuracy.

C.Matters needing attention in application of water flow switch:

1.    The installation and use of the water switch shall avoid the places with strong vibration and shake so as to avoid the misoperation of the water switch.

2.    When the magnetic material or magnetic force is generated on the flow switch device near the water flow switch, which may vary.

3.    In the process of installation and use, be sure to cooperate with the relay (power under 3W), so as not to burn the reed pipe because of the small switch power.


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