The working principle and application of dry reed pipe

The working principle of dry reed pipe

Dry reed pipe is a special kind of magnetic-sensing switch.Its two touch spots are made of special material.They are sealed inside the vacuum glass tube.When the magnet is close to it, the two touch spots will attract each other,then the circuit is on.So it can be used as sensor,for calculating,limit and so on.


Dry reed pipe is widely used in electrical industry(electric water heater and disinfection cabinet,etc),mechanical equipment,automation engineering,water flow control switch and system,medical equipment,sensor industry.For example ,install dry reed pipe on the door,when we open the door, it will alarm, greet, lighting, indicate and so on.When we make wire break alarm, water level switch,float switch,dry reed pipe will be used.


Matters needing attention for the usage of dry reed pipe:

In terms of the usage of dry reed pipe, generally we need to notice the matters as followings:


1.When you are cutting the base pin,please fix both ends,do not have damage to the sealed glass tube and affect At-value.


2.Don’t put it on the place where the sun is fierce and let it fall to the floor. Generally speaking, the ampere-turns will change if the height is above 0.5 meters.When you are welding,do not let the temperature too high.High temperature will affect the distance between the two touch spots.Which means it will change the sensitivity of the dry reed pipe and ruin it.


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