The structure of water flow sensor

Water flow sensor is one of the sensors which is used regularly.At present,the sensor device in industrial control products mainly is water flow sensor, water level sensor, rectifying sensor of the rectifying device and so on, which is indispensable in industrial control industry.Besides,there is tension sensor in the products of tension controller and fully automatic tension controller to guarantee the quality and level of tension control.

Water flow sensor takes advantage of Hall effect to operate.And its structure is a profound learning.

Water flow sensor is installed on the water inlet end of water heater to measure inlet water flow rate. It is mainly made up of the flow rotor, controller and so on.Flow rotor is made up of turbo switch shell, magnetic rotor and brake ring.When water flow sensor is working,its performance excels to mechanical differential pressure disc structure,and the size shrinks obviously.When the water flow goes through turbo switch shell, it will push magnetic rotor rotate.When different magnetic pole close to Hall component,the hall component will breakover, when the magnetic pole away,the hall component is off, so we can measure the rotate speed of the rotor.

According to the curve of measured water flow rate, rotate speed of the rotor, output signal(voltage),water flow sensor can identify start-up hydraulic pressure,start-up water flow rate and start-up rotate speed of the rotor.Water heater starts to work by control circuit when rotate speed of the rotor is faster than start-up rotate speed,if slower,water heater stop working.

When the water supply is cut off, water flow sensor will stop the rotary movement of high speed rotating magnetic rotor, terminate pulse signal output, when the controller can not receive the pulse signal, it will control gas proportional valve and close the valve, cut off the gas source, prevent dry-boiling.




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