Matters needing attention in application of water flow switch

with intermediate relay:

Intermediate relay is a kind of electronic control device which has control system (also known as input circuit) and controlled system(also known as output circuit),it is usually applied to automatic control circuit, in fact, it is also a kind of automatic switch which use low current to control high current.So intermediate relay fulfill the functions of automatic adjustment,safety protection, switching circuit .

Water flow switch is regularly used with intermediate relay in application.Some clients often meet some questions during using our water flow switch.For example,wiring method, the power and voltage selection of relay and so on.This passage will present the simple ,practical introductions and analysis for how to wire the relay,selecting the suitable power and voltage of relay,to help the clients who use water flow switches answer the above questions.


a.The moldings judgement of relay and relations between moldings: Generally, there are labels on the shell of the relay,if not,we can use multimeter to detect on our own.5V power source and multimeter are needed.


1.  Find the coil pin

Detect resistor between the coil pins with multimeter, the two moldings are coil pins with the resistance range from 100 to 1000 MΩ.Please note that there are positive and negative poles of the coil in some relays.Backing coil will have no damage to the relay,but will have failure to actuate.

2.Find normally open and normally closed points

Except for the coil, detect the four pins with multimeter, if the two pins breakover, they are normally closed. Connect the coil with 5V direct current, make the relay operating,then the two pins should disconnect.If not, they are shorted inside.Connect the coil with 5V direct current,make the relay operating, then use multimeter to detect,if the two pins which don’t breakover before,but now they breakover, it proved that they are normally open.


3.Common terminal is the pin which is related to normally open and normally closed points.



4.In the terms of power and voltage of relay,we usually produce water flow switch with 10W and 70W ,so accordingly,the power and voltage of relay must match with the power of the water flow switch.We suggest that clients should use 3W relay with voltage of DC12V or DC24V.Please don’t connect the serial circuit of the electrical directly, so as not to burn out.


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