Knowledge about hall sensor

Hall sensor is a kind of magnetic sensor,we can use it to detect the magnetic field and it's changes.And it can be used in many occasions which are related to magnetic field.


1. Hall effect

As shown in figure 1,connect both ends of Semiconductor wafer with control current, impose with uniform magnetic field which magnetic strength is Bin the vertical direction of Semiconductor wafer,so in the vertical direction of the current and magnetic field,it will generate Hall voltage which the electric potential difference is UH.


d=thickness of Semiconductor wafer ,k=hall coefficient ,which is affected by the material of wafer.


2. Hall Component

   According to Hall effect, people make the component with semiconductor materials is named as hall component.It has advantages of sensitive to magnetic field,simple structure,small in size,wide frequency response,big output voltage change,long service life and so on.So it has wide application in.

For the measurement,automation,computer,information technology and other fields.


3.Hall sensor

Due to the electric potential difference generated by the Hall component is small,generally the Hall component is integrated on a chip with electronic amplifier,temperature-compensation circuit, stabilized voltage power circuit and so on.So it is called Hall sensor.

Hall sensor is also called as Hall integrated circuit,and its size is small.



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